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Hygge + Scripture Study: The coziest way to receive personal revelation

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Is your scripture study feeling as frozen and desolate as a Salt Lake City winter? Oh, wait, maybe you’re feeling the post-holiday inversion brain fog and your scripture study is feeling a bit….hazy (last weather analogy, we promise).

While January is prime for every good intention you’ve ever had, the reality is a lot of the action can get lost in the after Christmas crash that inevitably comes. It’s colder, darker, and um, rude– everyone is taking down their twinkle lights.

We see (and feel) your despair, and raise you one HYGGE (pronounced hoo-gah).

What is hygge?

Picture this: You’re cuddled up in a cozy chair with a soft blanket draped over your lap. There’s a steaming cup of hot chocolate within arms reach. The lights are dim and soft, creating a feeling of safety, peace and warmth. You pick up your bible, light a candle, and turn on some quiet music. Then you breathe in a couple of deep breaths and begin to study your scriptures and take notes. Voila. You’ve arrived in Hygge heaven.

Okayyyyy– we know scripture study can’t look like this every day! But there’s power and rejuvenation at our fingertips by leaning into the Danish tradition of hygge. Hygge is the Danish word for coziness, comfort, and contentment. Hygge is a mood, feeling and a lifestlye for millions of people in nordic countries like Denmark (where this lifestyle trend originated) and Norway.

Because of the intense and pervasive cold, embracing the tradition of hygge in these bitterly cold countries has shown a marked increase in overall happiness and wellbeing. In fact, Denmark boasts some of the happiest people in the world. But before you go install a sauna in your bathroom, consider a few other ways you can include the hygge lifestyle into your routine.

How do I live a hygge lifestyle?

Seeking opportunities for coziness and finding simple ways to create an atmosphere for comfort can transform your scripture study and create a peaceful environment to commune with the Spirit.

When we feel peace, especially when we seek it out, we are creating a canvas prime for the Lord to etch His will and word upon. It is in these moments of intentional stillness (however short or simple they may be) that God can and will come to us. As you seek, you will find.

We have listed (and linked!) some of our favorite products that we use to create a feeling of Hygge and tie it into scripture study. So pick and choose what resonates with you and we can’t wait for you to dive into Hygge this winter season!

What are some examples of hygge?

Hygge is about feeling cozy and content with what you have. It’s about finding joy by living in the moment. Rather than rushing out to buy all new things, see how you can use what you have to create a cozy scripture study routine. If you’re looking to level up or are new to the hygge lifestyle, here are some great starting points.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate

SALT team member Brooke Watson realized she had to have her hot chocolate every morning. The warmth and coziness of the routine was a simple way she sought out joy each day! Brooke decided to practice habit stacking, and combined her morning cocoa with her scripture study for the coziest morning ritual ever! As our resident hot chocolate aficionado, Brooke recommends the Starbucks Hot Chocolate to make all your rich, creamy, scripture study dreams come true.

Saranoni Blanket

My grown-up Christmas/New Year’s/Easter/Halloween wish is for every human to own and love a Saranoni blanket. I would sell my soul for one of those babies. Ok, that got a little dark. Soul selling is very anti-hygge. Soft, fluffy, perfect, cozy Saranoni blankets? Very, very hygge. Be like Saranoni.

Haitrail Bedside Table Lamp

Let’s talk about what light can do. Letting literal light into our days is healing and nourishing for the soul. Soft, warm lighting can create a feeling of coziness and intimacy that fosters positive and uplifting feelings of contentment. True hygge experts say to limit overhead lighting when creating this tranquil vibe, as overhead lighting can often be harsh and feel too bright.

To achieve your hygge lighting state of actualization, light your room with table and floor lamps. Choose lighting with low lumens, (we’re talking about 1000), like an Edison lightbulb for best results.

We love the textures of the Haitrail Bedside Table Lamp from Amazon. With it’s simple and neutral design it’s sure to fit in perfectly with whatever style you have.

Line Upon Line Scriptures

Ok, Line Upon Line is basically our scripture study bestie. This female-owned small business is what dreams are made of. If you haven’t discovered the wide-margin goodness of Line Upon Line’s collection of the standard works, head there right now.

Line Upon Line offers a Journaling Edition and a Study Edition of each of the standard works in a variety of colors and designs. Both options feature stellar quality pages, binding, and longevity. Each option also features the wide-margin pages for writing all your notes and insights.

If you want to feel cozy inside and out, cuddle up with come cocoa, a nice pen, and your choice of Line Upon Line product and let the Holy Ghost speak to you as you feast upon the words of Christ.

Hearth & Hand – Cardamom & Veviter Candle

On a scale of one to Copenhagen, how obsessed with you are candles? It turns out, the Danes really know how to keep it lit. According to Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark, (who literally wrote the book on hygge), Danish culture embraces candles in a big way.

In his book, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy, Meik Wiking writes that about half the population of Denmark lights up a candle at least four days out of the week, and about a third of that group lights upwards of six candles each time.

Even if you’re not at the Danes level: expert status yet, we know you’ll love this cozy candle and dreamy scent from Target’s Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection.

Revealed: A Personal Revelation Journal

Now that we have you all tucked in, warm, and cozy, you’re ready to open your scritpures and with them, the windows of heaven. God comes to women. He speaks to us in a variety of ways. Do you know how He speaks to you?

With this in mind, we created one of our top-selling products of all time– Revealed: A Personal Revelation Journal.

As you invite peace into your life by adding more of a hygge lifestyle into your discipleship, you will hear what Heavenly Father is telling you with even greater clarity. This journal gives you pages to write and identify patterns of how He reveals His word to you.

Have another product that makes your hygge dreams come true? Comment below to share that coziness with all your SALT sista-friends!

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