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Five ways to jazz up your scripture study!

Since 2022 is just around the corner, we are searching for ways to jazz up our Come, Follow Me Study. Now, that doesn’t mean it has to be anything ornate or complicated! It can be simple! It’s just about consistency. So if you’re like us, maybe you’ll love some of our favorite study tools to turn up the heat and get your study cooking again!  

 1- Scripture Citation Index – One of the most exciting resources online is the Scripture Citation Index. This tool has a specific algorithm that allows you to locate all the places a specific scripture was mentioned in general conference talks from 1942-present, and some writings from the Journal of Discourses and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
Want to know who has quoted 2 Nephi 31? No problem! Search the specific verses in the Scripture Citation Index to see when in the past this scripture was used and by whom. Spoiler alert, 2 Nephi 31:20 has been referenced about 100 times in conference!  
The Scripture Citation Index is available online here (through BYU) and as an app, wherever you download your apps.  

2- Study Plans – Feeling like you want to study but you’re just not sure WHAT to study? Consider Study Plans! Study Plans is a relatively new feature available on the Gospel Library App for Latter-day Saints to set goals and make plans for personal and family study. 
Through the app, you can select the content you want to study and formulate a plan for success. You can customize a specific time and day to study and allow the Gospel Library app to send you notifications reminding you to study! It’s the dang future!  
The study plan (you can create multiple) will then organize what you should study by week and even day, depending on your customizations. This tool is a great way to diversify your gospel study, especially if you often find yourself stuck on what to study next.  

3- Linking – One of our favorite features of the app is the ability to link General Conference Talks to specific scriptures or vice-versa! There are certain scriptures that always remind me of a favorite moment or quote from a previous conference, and through the tool bar on the app (just press down on the screen) it allows you to link whatever you want to the topic you’re currently studying. You’ll love this feature! 

4- User Guide – Ask and ye shall receive. If you’re really looking to utilize all of the great features found on the Gospel Library App, be sure to visit the FAQs in the app’s User Guide. You can access this guide by going to settings (the little gear-looking icon on the bottom toolbar) and selecting User Guide. There are dozens of ways to make this app work for your personal study! Dive in, girl! 

5- Come, Follow Me Podcasts – As we are gearing up for the Old Testament next year, be sure you also check out all of the great podcasts that are out there! You can find great perspectives and additional insights to the material you study each week through Come, Follow Me. These supplemental podcasts may be a great way to spark some in-depth conversations with your older children, roommates, friends, or spouse. Here are the ones released by the Church that we recommend: The Follow Him Podcast by John Bytheway and Hank Smith or The Scripture Study Project

What are your favorite tools to study the gospel?? Do you have anything to add to the list?

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