I'm a champion of women and believe that women are powerful when they are aligned with God

SALT was created out of a place of darkness. 

In 2014, 6 months after I had my 2nd child, I started to struggle with postpartum depression. I had no idea why I was feeling this way, but when I look back on that time in my life I remember a lot of late night showers and just sobbing while my husband sat outside the door wondering what he could do. Life felt hard. It was overwhelming. I couldn't prioritize my time and quickly the depression set in and it set in deep. 

One day I was having a conversation with someone and I said...

"I just feel like there needs to be an Especially For Youth (youth camp) for women. There needs to be a place for women like me to come and FEEL the Spirit and be reminded of what it feels like." After I said this, this "event" idea wouldn't leave my mind for several weeks. I finally went to the temple to ask God what I was supposed to do and after a long while of sitting there, I got up to leave and the words, "Take care of yourself before you take care of others" popped right into my head.  So I took that as my answer and decided that I needed to take care of my mental and emotional state before I ever tried to do an event to help other women.

During this time I began to neglect my relationship with God and would spend more time browsing social media than reading my scriptures. Over time it got to the point that I questioned if God and Jesus were even real. The idea of Satan seemed like a childhood story that I had been told. 

As the admin of this group I felt like I needed to read the comments and General Conference talks that people were posting. So I did. And I kept reading them, each day. Over time, I remember feeling the subtle promptings of the Holy Ghost and being reminded of what that felt like! 

Five months later I felt like I should create a Facebook group where women who were struggling could come and lift each other up.

I continued to put time into my relationship with God, little by little, and after about two months, I could BOLDLY declare that God was real, that Jesus Christ was my Savior, and that Satan was in fact, very real. 

Once I could declare these truths again, the idea for this event came rushing back into my mind and everything started to fall into place for our first ever SALT Retreat which was held in March 2017. We have had 7 in person Retreats and one online Summit since SALT began. 

Throughout all of this, I have grown to know that it is the daily, simple acts that help us stay tethered to our Savior Jesus Christ. As we put forth the simple effort to connect with God each day, God will bless our lives and we can in turn access His power to accomplish great things in our lives. 


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