Speaker bios

 Lighting the Fire of Family History Work

Alexis Tanner

Alexis Tanner is a mother of five, podcaster, and writer. She loves reading, family history work, taking her kids on adventures, and podcasting with her husband at the Parenting In Real Life Podcast. You can find Alexis on Instagram @alexistannerlane. 

Parenting Our Children with an Eternal Perspective

Alexis Twitchell

Alexis Twitchell is from Logan, Utah. She graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Marriage and Family Studies. She runs the social media account "Children Rooted in Christ" where she advocates for intuitive parenting and seeks to empower parents with resources to raise their children the way our Heavenly Parents raise each one of us. Her and her husband of seven years have two little boys of their own with endless amounts of energy, aged 1 and 4, that keep them, oh, so busy!

Bound to Him by Loving Ties

Allison George

Allison George lives in San Diego, California with her husband and daughter. She grew up in Alberta, Canada and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta shortly after returning from a mission in Taiwan. She went on to earn her Master’s of Education degree from Arizona State University in Applied Behavior Analysis and enjoys her current profession as an instructor in the education faculty for the same school. One of Allison’s favorite things is to participate in gospel discussions. Feeling a lack of opportunities for such interactions (especially during COVID) she started two different social media series this past year, both dedicated to connecting with others through scriptural conversation and sharing testimony of Christ. She finds these topics rejuvenating and energizing- which is why she is absolutely thrilled to be participating in SALT’s round table discussions this year. 

From Faith Crisis to Firmly Founded: Building Resilient Faith

Amber Robbins

An accidental resilience researcher and cheerleader to all, Amber Robbins has a passion for running, baking, and strengthening families and teens. A current graduate student in School Counseling and mother of 4, she has spent many hours researching and coaching on the best ways to assist teens with the unique challenges they face today. She is an expert in bully prevention and intervention strategies, and passionately teaches that upstanders who reach out with love make all the difference in life. Amber believes there are many resources available today to assist families in healing, connection, resilience and finding joy in the journey. She shares these on her podcast Latter-day Families Stand. She believes that covenant keeping women who stand with Christ can be hope spreaders and healers in the world, and is excited for the connection both with Christ and good women that SALT brings!

Becoming an Instrument in the Master’s Hands

Angie Killian

Angie Killian is an LDS songwriter and composer who loves to share her testimony of our Savior and his restored gospel through music and prose. She was raised in a small town in the south side of Utah Valley, just five minutes away from the place she and her husband have chosen to raise their three children. Angie believes buying a piano and paying for nearly a decade’s worth of piano lessons are some of the greatest gifts her parents could have given her; music has forever been a place she finds refuge, solace, and joy. She often finds herself serving from wooden benches, but her favorite calling has been teaching sacred truths as the Primary Music Leader. Just over five years ago, she began her songwriting journey and has learned firsthand what Heavenly Father can do with his imperfect children when they offer him their “heart and a willing mind” (D&C 64:34). Angie is frequently called upon to share her music and stories with groups of Relief Society sisters, Young Women organizations, Primary groups, and various podcasts and interviews; she is so excited to be taught by the spirit among sisters at Salt.  

Good News: With God, Nothing Is Impossible

Anna Mahas Williams

Anna Mahas Williams is from Salt Lake City, but now resides in Kaysville, Utah with her husband and three-year-old daughter. She is an ICU nurse, a musician, an outdoor activist, and an avid learner of languages. She and her husband started a music business this year, and hope to be able to distribute music through the world to help others feel the influence of the Savior in their lives. She served a mission in New Zealand, and loves to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has experience speaking to women and youth, and hopes to empower everyone to gain a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. She is excited to be a speaker at SALT to share the miracles that are available to us today, and how we can remove doubt in our lives to be able to experience them on a daily basis.  

Finding Balance With Technology to Help Cultivate a Christ-Centered Home

April Whiting

April Whiting speaks all over the country in schools and communities teaching families how to thrive in a tech heavy world. She is a TedX speaker and host of the TV show "Screen Smart". Born and raised in the church, April married her husband in the Mesa, Arizona temple. Together they are raising their four boys in the mountains of Arizona. April is passionate about teaching families to find balance with technology in their homes and is excited to bring her message to SALT. 

Honoring others on their journey to the Savior

Audra Elkington

Audra is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She loves inspiring others through public speaking and writing. She has been featured on several podcasts, including This is the Gospel and Spiritually Minded Women. Her writing has been featured in Latter-day Woman magazine, Latter Daisy, and Work + Wonder. She is a contributing author in the book You Are Distinct & Different.

Audra is the Content Manager for A Worldwide Sisterhood. She has also been a local presenter at Time Out for Women in Raleigh, NC. Other interests include reading, baking, photography, fitness, and she loves working with the youth.

Audra currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and three children.

Drawing on the Power of Jesus Christ to Navigate Addiction with a Loved One 

Brooke Meyer

Brooke Meyer is married to a wonderful guy she met at an Ironman in Florida who also happens to struggle with addiction. He joined the church after they were married and they have two artistic and opinionated daughters and a son with Down Syndrome that they all call “The Mayor” because he knows everyone. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, her husband’s crippling depression and anxiety brought on a relapse after 11 years of sobriety. Walking this path with her husband, Brooke learned to trust in the Lord as she never had before and to choose faith over fear. Brooke is CEO of The Small Seed and has a background in corporate marketing. She is also a 2-time Ironman finisher and likes to be in charge of dessert. She and her family recently moved to Utah after 13 years in Connecticut which was never really part of the plan, but she’s officially stopped making plans. Thankfully, since she’s an Air Force “brat”, she feels at home pretty much anywhere. Brooke is learning to do hard things with Jesus Christ and believes that when we share our real, authentic selves and stories, we bring hope and light to each other. She loves SALT’s mission to bring women closer to Jesus Christ.

Changing the Lenses: Keeping a Positive Outlook when Life gets Tough

Cassie Bringhurst

Cassie Bringhurst is a newlywed living it up in Provo, dreaming of the day when she can finally own a dog. She served in the Atlanta, Georgia North mission where she experienced the first of many of the Lord’s surprising u-turns that would teach her to see His hand in her life - even in the darkest moments. Her love for teaching and sharing the gospel led her to become an EFY counselor, where, in true LDS love story fashion, she met her husband, Trevor. 
 Cassie originally planned to graduate from Utah State University with a degree in Veterinary Science, but again, the Lord had other plans for her. Several bumpy, winding, faith-building years later, she graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in Communication and Social Media Marketing. She currently works for Jane.com as their Social Media Specialist, and, in her spare time, trains missionaries in the art of using social media to share the gospel. *Hint- selfies are not the way. LOL. 
She is new to public speaking but loves talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The unexpected ups and downs in her life have created a desire to share lessons learned and hopefully provide some perspective for those going through hard things. As her Grandpa likes to say, “She’s never been lucky, but she’s always been blessed.

Body + Mind - Managing Mental Health and Physical Conditions with God as Our Guide

Clarissa Thomas

Clarissa, CPT, CNS, loves teaching WERQ dance fitness and connecting to worldwide clients in her personal training and nutrition coaching business, Adagio FIT. Body + Mind connection is essential in Clarissa’s life. She trained in hip hop and contemporary dance as a teenager while experiencing severe suicidal depression and anxiety. Dance saved her life. Then she danced with the BYU Ballroom Company and competed ballroom professionally while attending Brigham Young University. 
Now she educates, empowers, and encourages women in health through coaching and teaching. She believes that women's needs are as individual as snowflakes and meets clients in their “now” first. Then educates and guides them as they choose better health for themselves. She loves pulling eternal truths into sessions too. 
Clarissa lives with a severe endocrine disorder Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. PMDD is an abnormal reaction to normal shifting hormones in a female cycle, causing anxiety, suicidal ideation, and physical pains among many other symptoms. PMDD has no cure.
She’s part of the Thomas Glitter Force with her hubby, three girls, and cockapoo Frenchy. They love adventure, hard work, and goals. The TGF has three focuses - Choose Christ, Red Marks, and Sparkle. Clarissa is a sun baby with a serious swimsuit addiction, and her life’s motto is: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life.” 

Faith, Hope and Healing through our Savior Jesus Christ

Dara Campbell

Dara Campbell currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband of 22 years and their four children. She is most excited to be a missionary mama for the first time with her oldest called to Peru, but currently serving in Georgia! She loves family, friendship, food and most importantly her faith. She loves to travel and explore the outdoors. There’s a peace that is found in the stillness of nature that she loves to soak in! She has enjoyed teaching and serving in Young Women’s and is currently teaching in Relief Society. 
A few years ago Dara attended her first SALT retreat and was filled with hope, peace and love. By sharing her journey she has a hope and desire to help others in the same way. 

Self love and happiness in the gospel

Elise Ellison Rooney

Elise is a model and model and self confidence coach. She has an eclectic background from science, to health, modeling to social work. She started her journey working with people in international development, where she worked in different countries and cultures teaching self reliance. While modeling for the last 5 years she has always worked in social work, most recently working at a shelter for victims of domestic violence in the education department. She is incredibly passionate about mental health and empowering all people, especially women. She is so excited to find the perfect combination of her trauma informed care background and modeling to create model and self confidence coaching and workshops.

Loving our LGBTQ+ Family

Alyssa Edwards

Alyssa Edwards is an educator, student, speaker, sister, and friend to everyone. She is passionate about human connection and developing deep bonds with people. She completed her undergrad at Utah State University and is currently completing her Masters in the psychology of addictions. The Las Vegas native loves learning, shopping, glitter, and people. You can find her on Instagram @yoursisalyss.

If you believed you were significant

EmyLee McIntyre

EmyLee is a self-proclaimed goofball with a hunger for life and a passion for lifting other women. 
After experiencing depression for the last 15+ years she has discovered a multi-faceted approach to mental health that has changed her life. She has worked with women from all over the world and helped them find a more steady state of emotions... even wtih the diagnosis of depression. 
She teaches others how to actually rewire their brains so they can access heaven and find more joy, no matter life's circumstances. 
She has overcome autoimmune disorders, built her own coaching practice and works daily to enjoy her relationships, all why keeping 4 kids alive!
She doesn't claim perfection, just that she knows how to be happy anyways.

Creativity As a Spiritual Principle

Eva Timothy

EVA KOLEVA TIMOTHY grew up under the shadow of Communism in Eastern Europe. Yet under the tutelage of her artist father, she learned to cherish the pursuit of personal passion and the freedom to view the world for its possibilities, whatever the circumstance.

She was one of the first converts in Bulgaria joining the church soon after the wall fell. She served a full- time mission in New York City and her love of the gospel and of freedom are both major themes in her art.

Eva is known to possess an abundance of enthusiasm for life. She loves art for its inherent power to focus, refine, and inspire and enjoys speaking on the power of nurturing creativity in our lives. Eva’s work has been exhibited by and/or collected at various institutions including The Smithsonian National Museum of American History, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Oxford University.

The Divinity of the Menstrual Cycle

Hayley Neil

Hayley Neil was born and raised in Utah and is now raising her three daughters with her husband in Cache Valley. She has always loved to create, from art and fashion to interior design. What she loves even more is creating connections and learning with others. Over the last several years, through her own struggles with her menstrual cycle, Hayley has jumped head first into learning about her body and her cycle. She has learned to love and respect the gift of the female cycle, and is now starting the process to become a Fertility Awareness Educator and health Coach. She hopes to be able to help girls and women understand and love their menstrual cycles more completely. Hayley has loved attending the Salt Conference since the very first year as each retreat has brought her closer to Christ in unforgettable ways. She is so excited to gather with women in these sacred circles again.

How You Are Sabotaging Your Motherhood and Don't Even Know It”

Heidi Dunkley

Two months after being married, Heidi and her husband, Lance, boarded a plane and moved to New York where they lived for 10 years. During that time, Heidi built the foundation of her marriage, her motherhood, and deepened her dependence on God. Heidi is the mother of seven children, ages 8 - 23, and has learned some tricks for keeping a whole clan of kids alive and (mostly) well simultaneously. She has been an early-morning seminary teacher, a teacher in the Young Women organization, as well as a Relief Society instructor. She currently coaches at The Life Coach School as a certified life coach and feels most connected to God as she connects with others. She truly believes that we are all just walking each other home, which is why she feels so drawn to participate in SALT experience. 

Sit in Your Stillness

Hillory Dahle

Hillory is a born and raised Utah girl. She graduated from Davis High School and a few years later, found herself in Southern Italy where she served a full-time mission for the church. When she returned home, she started dating handsome Nate Dahle whom she married nearly a year later. The two of them attended and graduated from the University of Utah. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in International Studies, the pair packed up and headed East! They spent the first 5 years of their marriage in Charlottesville, Virginia before returning to Utah to plant some permanent roots. Hillory is a stay-at-home mom to three darling girls and two adorable boys. She had the opportunity to speak at BYU’s Women’s Conference in 2015 and realized she had a genuine love for speaking, especially with the intent of lifting others through Christ-centered messages. Since then, she’s had the incredible experience of creating a course on Deliberately Designing Your Life and has spent the past two years speaking about and teaching this message to a number of groups throughout Utah. Her favorite pastimes are jumping into lakes, rivers, and pools, watching BBC period dramas, and finding new spots to hide her candy from her kids. More than anything, however, she loves connecting with other women. She loves people! She loves hearing their stories, their dreams, and how they use their creations to lift and love others. She is genuinely excited to connect and hear your story at SALT Retreat!

The Rally: Our Call to Gather Israel

Juliet Tuineau

Juliet Tuineau was born and raised on the island of Utah. Her parents migrated from Tonga in hopes to provide more opportunities for their children. Juliet resides in West Valley City, UT and is currently a full-time student with BYU-I. She is married to her best friend, Ray Tuineau, and together they have three boys. The greatest calling that she has held in her life has been to be a wife and mother. 
Juliet has held many leadership positions in her local ward and stake which has given her plenty of opportunities to teach. She is currently serving as the young women advisor and English Sunday school teacher for the adults in her ward. Juliet has the opportunity to work with Elder Neil L. Andersen in his upcoming face to face broadcast in June. 
SALT is a unique experience for the heart and soul of a woman. It creates a space to allow women from all walks of life, of all ages, and of all backgrounds to come together to feel of each other’s spirits. All the while learning of our important roles in God’s plan. This is why Juliet is so excited to be a part of something so grand.

Your story matters: Coming closer to God through documenting personal  

Karli Cleaver

Karli lives in rural Eastern Oregon with her husband of 18 years & four awesome sons. She graduated from BYU-Idaho with a major in Communications and a minor in Health Science. Karli & her husband are entrepreneurs and love working together while creating a lifestyle that allows much room to serve others and make memories together. Her experience with disordered eating for many years led her on a path of discovering her innate worth and infinite potential with the Savior at her side regardless of her size. She enjoys attending crossfit classes with her husband, reading a good book, authentic relationships with incredible women who uplift each other, snuggling with her boys, and documenting it all through words + photos is her favorite. She learned how to bake bread and cut hair in 2020 (both skills that have come in handy with 5 guys in the house)! Karli is in the Relief Society presidency in her ward and loves opportunities to teach, speak, and coach about gospel principles, self worth, and building a personal & fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Opening Divine Communication 

Kathleen Fifield

Kathleen Marie Fifield was born and raised in West Texas. Somewhere between pursuing her Art Education degree in Idaho and serving a mission in Spain, she has lost most of her southern accent. For the past 13 years, Kathleen has had the amazing opportunity to create with young artists as an elementary art teacher. She went part time in 2017 when her daughter was born. This gave her the ability to start her own art business and pursue her passion of creating art to share with the world. In addition to painting, she also enjoys modern quilting, gardening and encouraging others to be creative. Kathleen currently lives in Northern Utah with her husband & daughter. 


Kay West

Kay is of Japanese heritage, born in Canada, she now finds herself living in Utah. She has been sealed to her best friend for over 22 years, and together they have two beautiful children, both adopted from birth. Kay’s journey through racism, infertility, miscarriages, a failed adoption, and raising their daughter, who has multiple physical and mental special needs, has helped her understand, love, and connect with women everywhere.
Kay loves her Savior, Jesus Christ, and strives to seek Him daily. Kay has spent many years serving in Young Women’s Presidencies and teaching youth and Relief Society sisters. She has been invited to speak at several events and gatherings and has a deep love for the sisterhood that exists around the world. A sisterhood she knows we all belong to. She believes in the power of united, faithful women because our “...power to do good as a group of God’s daughters will depend, to a great degree, on the unity and love that exist among [us].”(Henry B. Eyring)
Kay is a speaker, author, and a huge supporter of all women who share their stories and testimonies. This is why she absolutely loves Elise and SALT. SALT’s teachings, messages, and mission speak to her heart and soul and she wishes every woman around the world could experience and participate in a SALT Gathering. You can connect with Kay online at aworldwidesisterhood.com or on Instagram @aworldwidesisterhood

Faith and your Finances

KristiLyn Wilkinson

KristiLyn received her master’s degree from Utah State University in Family Consumer Science. She has been teaching a family finance course at USU as an adjunct instructor for ten years. She also worked for the Utah Division of Securities as a securities fraud investigator. She is currently the program manager for USU Extension’s Empowering Financial Wellness Program and is a contributor to the Utah Money Moms blog and social media accounts. Her version of playing “house” as a young girl was to hide the monopoly game money in her bedroom and create a budget for her dolls. At some point during her adult life, she decided to put her family finance skills to the test and have four kids in four-and-a-half years. Living to tell the tale of having three kids under the age of two is her biggest accomplishment to date. She loves chocolate and books more than she probably should, and she is passionate about helping families achieve their financial goals. She believes that spending money in a manner consistent with your values, goals, and gospel principles is an important element to finding peace and happiness in this life. 

Your Voice Is Your Superpower

Kylee Hopkin

Raised in the Dallas, Texas area, Kylee Hopkin first moved to Utah for school back in 2011. Ten years later she spends her time and career mentoring college students to meet and expand their capacity and potential. With a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies and a Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration, Kylee loves getting to teach, train, and mentor students as they navigate the college life. She also loves teaching Relief Society and gospel topics. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, being outside, and lifting weights in the gym. She also enjoys cooking food for others and spending time with family. This is her first experience with SALT Gathering and she is extremely excited to share with you her love, passion, and faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Finding Your You 

Lee Chipman

Lee Chipman is a concocter, creator, baker, taste tester, and all around supportive enthusiast of the human experience. Not much can get her down, including, but not limited to raising 6 remarkable daughters, navigating the world of type 1 diabetes for two of those daughters, and mending many many broken bones & broken hearts that come along with being a parent. Her stereotypical Canadian cheerfulness has blessed the lives of many Americans, from Massachusetts to Utah over the past 25 years. Lee has spent most of her adult years working with the youth of the church. She is no stranger to infusing optimism into the lives of those around her as she is on a mission to not only be a character constructor for her own family, but for all who enter into her sphere of influence. Her ability to gather people and make them feel seen and welcome is unmatched, and it is her dream to help each and every person embody the belief that their value is innate and is in no way sullied by flaws or foibles, although those foibles do make for a good story now and then. Her family's ability to get tangled in webs of improbable tales is uncanny, and her ability to retell these stories in an entertaining and relatable way will delight you and leave you coming away feeling like you've found a friend who understands it all.

Figuring out Satan -
Satan is real!

Lindsay Ivins

Lindsay Ivins is a native Utah girl. She and her husband are raising their 4 beautiful children in the house next door to Lindsay’s childhood home, where her parents still live. The kids absolutely love living next door to their grandparents, and raid their pantry regularly. Beyond being a mother, when she can find a rare spare moment, Lindsay enjoys sports, the outdoors, flowers, reading, and secretly is a fantasy/superhero/sci-fi nerd. Nothing makes her prouder than seeing evidence that her children are absorbing her nerdy ways. 
She has been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints her entire life, but has recently discovered a newfound love of the scriptures and the gospel that she loves sharing! She currently serves as Primary President in her ward, which she has found quite interesting during the pandemic. She is thrilled to finally be back in person with the little ones, each Sunday. The primary room has been a place of healing for her. Children have a way of touching the hearts of those around them. The amazing children that surround her, came at just the right time for Lindsay. Over the recent years, she has dedicated herself to uncovering how Satan attempts to gain power in her life. She has found her own superpower (just what she’s always wanted), in learning how to overcome him and his tricks. She is excited to share her thoughts on this topic at SALT, and for ongoing learning opportunities!       

How to use prayer everyday to really, truly conquer Satan

Lisa Andersen

Lisa Andersen is a mom of four amazing kids, wife to one supportive husband and is one who loves volunteering to give talks in Sacrament meeting.
She loves teaching and talking about the gospel, as well as having deep conversations about life and motherhood. She is the author of the IG feed, Thrivingmotherhood and has created conferences and workshops meant to encourage and inspire moms to see all they good that they are and do. 
When she is not chatting about life, Lisa might be found exercising, eating chocolate and/or watching Gilmore girls. 

Reframing Repentance: How to let God more fully prevail in our lives

Melinda Morgan

Melinda Morgan is a wife, mother, speaker, educator, author, and grandmother of 19 beautiful grandchildren. Melinda has been in education for 24+ years, where she has served as teacher, administrator, instructional coach, and specialist in English Language Development. During the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020, she launched “Let’s Get Edified!” a podcast for busy women who are looking for ways to draw closer to the Spirit and deepen their connection to Christ.
A convert at the age of 15, Melinda has served in a variety of church callings, including Stake Relief Society presidency, Gospel Doctrine instructor, Relief Society President, Choir Director, Organist, Relief Society instructor, and ministering sister. She has a BA in Liberal Studies, is a licensed educator, and holds a Master’s degree in education and administration. As a published author, Melinda has written two novels and a training resource for engaging students in active learning. 
Melinda is excited to share stories, insights, and meaningful messages with other inspired women at this year’s SALT Retreat. 

Fulfilling Prophecy: Being Articulate in the Last Days

Melissa Buckley

Melissa Buckley is passionate when speaking about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but it hasn't always come easy for her. After receiving a copy of "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" her mind expanded and she started finding more natural ways to share of her love of Jesus Christ. Since then, Melissa has shared more openly on social media, in her writing, speaking and podcasting projects and aims to help others find their voice as well. She has also found that over the years, it has been her relationship with Christ and the way in which she has learned to lean on Him--in hard times especially--that have made her the most articulate in her faith. Her favorite catchphrase is "Because Jesus is awesome!" Melissa is honored to be a part of SALT and their mission to give powerful women of faith voices and urge us all to stand up and shout the good news of the gospel to the world. 

Awaken Body Confidence: Ignite unwavering confidence in your body, your choices and yourself

Misty Springer

Misty is a mom to 4 amazing kids and is transitioning into the next phase of life as her children fly from the nest. She has been married to the joy of her life, Scott for 25 years. She has served with the youth the majority of her adult life and knows the power of connecting to your Divine Worth. She is a Life Coach and mindfulness expert who is a lover of all things connected to God, goodness and light. Her signature technique pulls from her unique background as a Life Coach, Mental Health Therapist, and Health Coach. She empowers women to harness the power of their mind, body and heart to show up as the women they know in their hearts they were Divinely designed to be. She is passionate about helping women let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding back their light. She is thrilled to partner with the SALT team and empower women to access the divine power within.

How God's power is present in my life

David Young (Husband of the late Nalani Young)

Nalani Young lives in Orem Utah with her husband and their four, out of five, children, with their youngest in heaven. Her family is her most precious gift and she loves them with every fiber of her being.
Among her greatest loves, aside from her family, is the love that she has for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Her testimony of Them is the very compass of her life. She uses this compass along her journey on the covenant path, especially in her service to God. She has predominantly worked with the children and the youth, which has been a great honor to be able to do.
Nalani loves service! She loves serving the children of our God. In her school community, Nalani has established programs and organized service projects to help the children of her school community to show, share and spread kindness. She has organized clothing and food drives, blanket and beanie days, park construction opportunities, and a plethora of other service activities. Nalani has received many awards for her service including: The Spirit of PTA, Orem’s Kindness Ambassador, and The Spirit of Orem 2019.
In July of 2019, Nalani was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, a terminal diagnosis. Since that time, Nalani has continued to love, serve, and live to the best of her ability. Knowing that each moment is special and sacred has given Nalani the opportunity to focus her life on her family and her God.

Our Power In Creating

Natalie Bogle

Natalie Bogle has a passion for teaching women to create an intimate relationship with God through journaling and planning their day! She is an expert in guiding women to create goals that are centered on who God created them to be! Natalie lives in Arizona with her husband, Tom, and six kids. They love to play in the water whether it is at the community pool or paddle boarding down the Salt River in Arizona. Natalie loves to learn about others and how God has directed them in their journeys. She is excited to be joining SALT in their movement to encourage women to step closer on their path towards discovering who God created them to be!

The Healing Effect and Power of Kindness

Rachel Reschke

Rachel Reschke finds it important to celebrate each day in small ways. She was born with Cystic Fibrosis—a chronic, terminal condition that primarily affects her lungs and digestive tract. Since CF is an invisible illness, it has taught her how everyone has their own invisible challenges—and knowing that enables her to connect more deeply with others. Her full-time position as a Health Fitness Specialist gives her excitement and fulfillment, as she puts her passions into practice. She created her Instagram page CoreComeback to show how health and fitness can be used as a metaphor for the strength and endurance that can come from personal challenges. Rachel not only enjoys health and fitness, but also any form of creativity, sunshine, great food, dance parties, and traveling. Most of all, she finds great worth and importance in spending time with people and strengthening her relationships. She has been married for over a year now to her husband whom she loves dearly. She values teaching and connecting with others, and she was blessed to speak to hundreds of people across Utah when she was in the Days of ’47 Royalty. She is grateful to be given this opportunity to speak at Salt Retreat, where she feels honored to meet and interact with women who are in the same cause to come closer to Christ.

Our Unique Spiritual Gifts and What They Tell Us About our Divine Identity and Potential

Rachel Tucker

Rachel Rhien Tucker is a 4th generation New Mexican who lives in Southern CA with her husband, four kids, two dogs, and sixteen chickens. She is a musician at heart, and has started dabbling in song-writing. She recently finished her 5th year teaching early morning seminary, and is convinced that it is truly the best calling ever. Rachel has a deep love for learning, teaching, and writing. Early in 2021, she received a strong message from the Lord that she needed to use those spiritual gifts to help others understand gospel principles in a different way, strengthen testimonies, and draw people closer to the Savior. She started a small business called Seeking Diligently, and began creating topical, doctrinal study guides and courses that help people understand the divinity within them. Rachel thrives on creating content that uplifts, encourages, and strengthens others. More than anything, she strives to be a catalyst for people to come to know themselves and their Savior in a more true and personal way.

Increasing Vision: Spiritual Leverage for Life

Sarah Twiss

Sarah spent the first several decades of life moving every few years. She has lived all over the country - including Hawaii, California, Texas, D.C. and Philly! She and her husband settled in the Denver area - where they have been raising their 5 kids for the past 15 years. She has a master’s in education and bachelor’s in human development. 

In 2016, Sarah’s life was changed forever when her daughter was stillborn at 21 weeks. What began as a grief-filled mental health tailspin, rode out as a soul-stretching, simultaneously joy-filled and tender journey with the Lord. Her heart and mind were born anew as she saw with fresh eyes the universality of trials, and the abundance of hope through Christ. 

Sarah finds great joy in sharing her faith and optimism in God’s individual plan for us. She firmly believes that the better we see who God is and what He is helping us do with our lives, the better able each of us are at seeing who we can become. With the support of one other, and our Father in Heaven, we can each feel peace and confidence on the road home. She is thrilled to spend the weekend with a community of sisters at the Salt Retreat whose shared goal is to draw closer to Christ. 

Discipleship Isn't a Checklist but a State of Being

Sasha Piton

Sasha is originally from Sedona, AZ and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2009, as a junior in college. After graduating with two bachelor's degrees (Vocal Performance and Theatre History) from the University of Arizona she went on a mission in 2011 and served in the Salt Lake City South Mission for 19 months. She spoke about her conversion story at firesides, Church meetings, and girls camps all throughout the Salt Lake Valley and fell in love with public speaking. In 2013 she moved back to Salt Lake and took a job as a receptionist for a hearing aid company to get her footing. Within four years she had been promoted several times and relocated to Idaho in 2017 to be a Territory Sales Director for that same company. The best decision she ever made was quitting her 6 figure corporate job in late 2019 to take almost a year off and regroup in life. She now works part time for a non profit called Mothers Without Borders and she runs her own business. She attributes all of her emotional success to a trip to Zambia, Africa in 2017 with the non-profit she now works for. That's where she learned to meditate and began the journey of self acceptance which led to greater discipleship in her daily life. 

The Spark to Start 

Scarlet Bushman

Scarlet Bushman was born in Guatemala and raised in Boston, MA. She is the oldest of four siblings. Following a full year of searching for peace while investigating different religions, Scarlet joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the age of 17. This critical decision has influenced her life in all decisions since that day and she counts it as one of her greatest blessings. She attended Brigham Young University, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Family Science. Scarlet became a citizen of the United States of America when she was Naturalized in July of 2006. She has been both a working mom and a stay at home mom. She currently spends her days volunteering in several PTA organizations and church calling in Primary. Scarlet has been married to her “missionary” Daylen Bushman for over 20 years and they are the parents of four teenagers; the oldest is serving a mission, a senior, a sophomore and a freshman in high school. Scarlet believes that we all have a spark of light that is divine and we all have individual gifts that can help us share the gospel of Jesus Christ in our own unique way.

Stop Balancing

Shalon Ironroad

Shalon Ironroad loves to help fellow women experience more joy and courage, opening them to feeling the love of God in their lives. She firmly believes in using our God-given gift of agency and has applied it in her life as an author, consultant, military wife, mother of 4, and Harvard graduate. She is excited to share her message at SALT because she knows that women who come here are women of influence in their families, communities, and the kingdom of God, and can’t wait to see the impact these discussions will have on their circles.

Harnessing the light and energy within YOU

Tara Thackeray

Tara Thackeray loves to see those she works with achieve their goals and work towards creating the life they love. She is passionate about personal growth and the power of a positive mindset. She believes it is never too late to create the life you want and the relationship you desire with your Savior Jesus Christ.

Accessing the Power of Faith in Our Lives

Taylor Ricks

Taylor Ricks is a wife to her childhood best friend, Tanner. Together they have four awesome children, one of whom has Down Syndrome and blesses their family in unimaginable ways. When she isn't caring for her family she is writing, dabbling in woodworking, or going on walks. She attended Utah State University to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies and earned a Master's of Education from Arizona State University in Applied Behavior Analysis. She enjoys using her background to teach and inspire families. She loves to share her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ by writing on Instagram and Facebook @ToCheerAndToBless and as a soon to be published author.

He Evens The Scale

Teniesha Williams

Teniesha Williams is a native of St George UT. She says that the red rock runs through her veins. 
She is a widow and mother of one beautiful daughter and she thrives on spending time outside with her little gingersnap! 
Teniesha graduated from SUU in Family and Nutrition Sciences and owns her own Health and Wellness business in Exercise Therapy and Spiritual/Emotional Coaching. 
After losing her husband to a drug overdose she has felt it a calling to speak and testify about finding hope and strength in the light of Christ. 
Her speaking experiences are varied and range from her service in Relief Society and Young Women’s to private and group motivational sessions for world renowned programs in mental, spiritual and emotional wellness. 
She loves the gospel more than anything and considers her life experiences blessings of polishing and preparation. 
She enjoys the uplifting energy that SALT provides and the unity that is created there by the spirit.

Spiritual Metamorphosis 

Tiffany Green

Tiffany is married to a redhead who helped make her the mother of three more redheads. Referring to them affectionately as her “Lost Boys”, every day is filled with adventure as they enjoy life in the Pacific Northwest. 

As a young single adult Tiffany graduated from BYU-Idaho, and later went on to become a paralegal and sexual assault counselor in Utah. Dedicating her twenties to making cultural changes, she served on the board of directors with the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. She has worked on legislation, education, training and workshops all aimed toward sex and abuse education.  

Having served as a Relief Society President and teacher, her love for the women in our Lord’s Kingdom runs deep. Knowing SALT is the gathering of women, for women, by women has her waiting in eager anticipation for all that awaits as we ourselves spend the day gathering salt together.