We create courses to help women tap into their divinity, rediscover who God made them to be, and guide women to foster a deeper connection with God and Jesus Christ. 
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You are destined for greatness.
Sometimes it takes a little self-discovery to help remind you of this truth.

Do you ever feel like life has gotten in the way of you KNOWING who you are?! Maybe you think back to former days in your life and feel like you have lost a part of that person.  How often do you dig deep into discovering WHO you are and what you were sent here to do on this earth

In our "Your Divine Self: Rediscover Who God Made You To Be" course, you will be guided to reconnect with your divine self, rediscover divine attributes and spiritual gifts, and create stepping stones to become who God sent you here to be.

10 Journal Prompts to Help You Rediscover Your Divine Self

Grab this free download with 10 journal prompts that will help you rediscover the powerful, divine attributes that make you uniquely you! As you remember who God made you go be, you will confidently be able to step into that roll and know how you can contribute to this world.