Abbey Khyl

Abbey Kyhl specializes in helping modern families develop strong habits that help us keep an eternal perspective. As the mother of three children growing up in our ever-changing and sometimes frightening world, she is constantly seeking out ways to be a more present parent and to help her children learn valuable habits and behaviors that will keep their family together forever. She teaches how we can be tech-wise in our families and how we can use technology to bring our families together instead of driving them apart and ways we can use healthy tech-habits to strengthen our testimonies.

Allyson Hayward

Ally Hayward was born & raised in Kaysville, UT. She served in the Texas McAllen Mission from 2011-2012. She graduated from Weber State University in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Therapy. She and her husband have been married for 6 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters and are expecting another baby in October. They currently reside in Lubbock, TX where her husband is attending medical school. Ally loves to play sports; soccer is her favorite. She grew up in the outdoors, boating, snowmobiling, and camping. She enjoys photography, sewing, and watching movies. She will never say no to a chocolate chip cookie and has been nicknamed a cookie monster. Three years ago, Ally started a blog, Silently Surviving Souls, to build a community where individuals could connect with others going through similar, silent struggles of life. Her philosophy has always been that sharing your story gives reassurance to others to know that they are not alone in their trials. Last summer, Ally was spot-lighted on Church social media for her endeavors to build community through her blog. In addition to maintaining her blog, she works as a board member for the non-profit organization Mission Fortify, where she helps early returned missionaries adjust to post-mission life. The Gospel and her family are the most important things to Ally, and they keep her going when life gets hard.

Amy Worthington

Amy has always known there’s no such thing as a “stranger” - you just have to be willing to talk to someone long enough to find out who they really are. Her desire to love and serve others has led her to a variety of important opportunities, including running a day camp for inner-city girls in Chicago, humanitarian service in Africa, coordinating hundreds of service projects throughout Salt Lake, and teaching a variety of groups in educational, professional, and church settings. While her life looks much different than she once expected, Amy is learning to find confidence in her journey and create joy along the way. She feels it’s important to help others understand how to navigate struggle in a way that helps them discover who they are, how to live intentionally, and how to wait on the Lord. Amy is a native Utahn who enjoys capturing life’s most important moments through photography, traveling the world, hot baths, and Cadbury mini eggs. While she holds many titles in life, her favorite is “Aunt Mamy”.

Andrea Sorensen

Andrea is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and award winning mother…….okay just kidding, maybe not “Award Winning” but she’s trying to be positive! She is a wife and mother of five and living proof that the gospel will save a generation. Shortly after graduating high school Andrea was accepted into Americorps NCCC--the domestic Peace Corps. Americorps afforded her the privilege to travel all over the country working with various non-profits. She even served in New York with the American Red Cross after 9/11. She is a volunteer in her community with a particular focus on addiction support and is currently serving as an acting board member for the non-profit A Reason To Stand. Andrea shares stories from her conversion, her family’s struggle with addictions and the difference that focusing on the Savior and not on the trial will make in our lives. It is her belief that when we connect through our shared experiences we can remember that we were always enough for Christ. She wants to learn from you too!

Becky Squire

Becky Squire was born and raised in Ogden, Utah. She met her husband, Josh, at Weber State University and they have been married for 16 years. Their relationship can be described as soul-mates who are complete opposites! They have 4 amazing kids: Ian, Amelia, Eli, and Bronx. Becky enjoys running, especially in the mountains of Northern Utah (but any mountain will do.) She loves to travel with her family and National Parks have become a family favorite. Becky also enjoys baking and is a self-proclaimed cheesecake connoisseur. Becky has a passion for writing and tackles topics such as marriage, motherhood, family issues, and faith. She doesn’t shy away from controversy or plain and simple truths. Becky has been published in the Ensign, LDS Living, a variety of media websites, and has been a guest on several family-oriented podcasts. You can read her weekly articles on her blog,

Bergen Hyde

Bergen Hyde, Co-Founder and Creative Director of WOMB, lives in Provo Utah with her Husband and 3 kids. She is a master esthetician, expert free-style dancer, amateur philosopher, full-fledged popcorn junkie, and a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter/Day Saints. Her #1 passion is women’s issues, especially within the context of the LDS church, and she loves helping women claim their power. Bergen is so inspired by SALT’s focus and devotion to helping women center their lives on Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate champion of women!

Carly Thornock & Elizabeth Nielson

Elizabeth Nielson and Carly Thornock are the sister-in-law team behind Family Culture Connection, where they seek to empower families to more wholeheartedly love, connect, contribute, and thrive through the power of family culture. Both with graduate degrees, these women use the latest family academic research, action based methodology, and personal life experience to bring meaning and magic to family traditions and everyday routines. They know that a strong family is the best defense (and offense!) in a world where values and morals are attacked on every side—when families join with Christ, nothing is impossible. They both danced on the Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Team, foxtrotting across the globe. The beautiful give and take relationship of partner dancing has become a meaningful analogy in the way Carly and Elizabeth view relationships. Elizabeth and Carly are delighted to be sharing their family-power-packed presentation with SALT this year, potentially including some inadvertent samba stepping.

Celeste Davis

Celeste runs the Marriage Laboratory website and co-hosts the podcast Marriage Theraoke along with her husband Rich. A big believer in the power of experimentation, she delights in reading about how to improve marriages, applying what she learns to her own marriage and then telling the internet about it. She also writes articles for

Chelsea Bretzke

Chelsea Bowen Bretzke is a from Alberta Canada. She is the daughter of converts, and a whole village, of loving latter-day saints. She loved serving a mission on Temple Square, back in the day, when you had to wait forever! She graduated with an degree in education, eight and a half months pregnant and fair too huge for the grad gown. She is now the mother of six children and can’t believe she drives around such a massive van, often singing at the top of her lungs, to whatever song her four year old is into that particular week. She lives for date nights with her hubby and weekends away with her girlfriends, especially when either of those things, involves hiking in the mountains or watching a good movie. She teaches a mid-week Book of Mormon class organized by her Stake Relief Society, which combines her favourite topic- the gospel, with her favourite learners- woman of faith. She is currently writing a book about our Mother in Heaven and feels so passionate about the power of female discipleship. “My life’s mission,” she says, "is to help others believe in, feel and live up to the divinity within them. I love what SALT is all about-- bringing together woman of faith-offering them strength hope and community- ultimately bringing them closer to our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I love Him and know He is always the answer, because He will always help us remember who we truly are.”

Darla Trendler

Darla attended SALT in March 2018 in Gilbert, Arizona, and walked away with her spiritual cup filled. SALT was truly a life-changing experience for her and she is excited to attend again. She is the host of the Spiritually Minded Mom Podcast where she nterviews woman about their motherhood experiences and how they have seen and felt God as a partner in motherhood. She is passionate about helping women be more spiritually minded and recognize God's hand in their daily life and she is honored to be able to share this message at SALT. Since childhood, she has had a love of the scriptures and find great strength from the examples of the people she reads about. She has an amazing husband and has four children ages 19-12. She loves having teenagers (yes, you read that right!) and is the obnoxious mom cheering her kids on at concerts, recitals and sporting events. Darla and her husband run a car business and also love working out together. Her family calls sunny Arizona home and they enjoy boating and riding ATVs.

Davina Fear

Davina Fear is a writer, podcaster, life coach, and international family documentary photographer. She has spoken to audiences around the country inspiring women to see their lives, businesses, and families with new eyes. Through out her years as a photographer, life coach, and mom, Davina has created innovative approaches for working with people. She has created a system for helping women see their lives with new, empowering perspective. Her methods invite women to let go of their painful past, take action on their dreams. and live with joy in the present. Davina has been married for 25 years to Hot Guy, is mom to four children, created multiple successful businesses over the past 17 years, and loves to have deep conversations about how Jesus can transform us when we understand and use the tools he has given us. Davina has fought through confusing and painful childhood experiences and discouragement and setbacks in adulthood. She firmly believes each of us already has everything we need inside us for success and happiness, the key is in how readily we access that deep and awesome well.

Emilee Kuchenmeister

Emilee Kuchenmeister is thrilled to speak at Salt. She learned to love the gathering when she attended it for the first time with her best friends in the fall of 2018. The event created motivation for her to more fully live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Emilee has been married to her best friend John for 13 years. She adores and feels privileged to be the mother to their three children; her oldest are twins, which she jokingly doesn’t recommend, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Emilee is a pharmacist, health and life coach. She enjoys helping her clients become the best versions of themselves by being willing to embrace the entire human experience. She loves this wisdom from Brene Brown “We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive ones.” Nephi taught us that through our creator’s wisdom we are all meant for Joy. Emilee has experienced much joy in her life by turning to Christ to overcome her trials of supporting a husband through cancer, dealing with infertility as well as sibling loss to suicide. She loves Sheri Dew’s words “If life were easy it wouldn’t be hard.” She chooses to believe that she was made for these experiences for her growth and for the benefit of others.

Heather Pickett

Heather Pickett is Salt Lake’s nurse turned award-winning newborn photographer. Heather graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Utah in 2008. She has worked in the Pediatric and Cardiac ICU at Primary Children’s, Newborn ICU, Labor & Delivery, and Maternity units. Her role as a nurse has been a critical piece of her photography journey. She began her photography career in 2011 and quickly became an internationally recognized newborn photographer with her work being featured on the cover of the Professional Photographer Magazine in addition to multiple hospitals in the Salt Lake valley. She founded a program in her photography studio called "A Mother’s Wishful Heart” which shares light and hope to mothers in our community who are facing the loss of a child through complimentary bereavement photography. She loves being the mother to her four children and is married to the most supportive husband and cheerleader around. She has been coached in all things business by her entrepreneur father and, more importantly, reared in constant faith by both of her loving parents.

Jen Killpack

It all started with an email, that is how Jen found out about her 4x Great Grandmother. Familysearch has helped her get to know and love her 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great great grandparents and beyond. Getting to know their stories has uncovered more of her own story to her as well as the family she is currently surrounded with. She is the daughter of strong people and so are you! She is ready to share tools with you to help strengthen familial relationships now so that you can experience more love and understand Christ and His ways even more. She is Jen Killpack. She is a wife to Nate the Great, a mother of 3 under 3, wildflower identifier, trail hiker, an aspiring pianist, journalist, and family story finding, telling and spreading enthusiast!

Josie Havea

Josie is your favorite super sparkly, semi-snarky, soft-hearted spirit junkie soul sister and she currently runs a four-kid circus with a beautiful chocolate man in south Provo next to a large field of brown cows. She knows and believes that love is the most powerful energetic force in the universe. She knows and believes that lack and not having enough is one great illusion. There is only abundance! Through faithfully following the Savior's perfect example, we can literally create a life we love and manifest miracles every single day. Her ife mantra is: Exercise faith, take action, be patient, expect delays, remember the universal laws, feel peace, enjoy the ride and have joy!

Karalynne Call

Karalynne Call has a Bachelors of Science from Brigham Young University and is working on completing her Professional Certificate in Nutrition from Cornell University. Karalynne began her health journey nearly 15 years ago as she battled severe depression, and has helped many others begin their own health journey. Her belief that nature provides the necessary nutrition in order for people to live healthy, happy lives full of energy has inspired many to make a change in their eating habits and daily product use. Tens of thousands of people follow her Instagram account @just.ingredients to find helpful and healthy advice on how to make small changes in their lives to make a long-term benefit in their own health journey. In addition to health advice, Karalynne has owned her own successful business for over 25 years. Her business, Swimming Success, has helped teach over 20,000 kids throughout Southern CA, UT and AZ to swim. Karalynne loves serving the youth of the church. She has served in 5 Young Women Presidencies, and 3 times as the President. She substitutes for seminary and just got released as the 17 and 18 year old Sunday School Teacher. Karalynne’s greatest success is being a mom of 6 kids. She has 4 very active boys and 2 equally active girls, ranging in ages from 19-5. You can usually find her at a basketball court, baseball field, or soccer field watching one of her children play.

Kim Stoddard

Kim Stoddard is an accidental country girl who lives with her husband and four children in southeast Idaho. Kim grew up overseas and her favorite place to call home was Incirlik, Turkey. At BYU she met her husband Jason, a small town farm boy with a bright future in law. After law school and two kids later, Jason found a promising job at a great firm. However, it is true what they say “you can take the boy out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy”. Jason and Kim felt prompted to move their family to Idaho and help run the family farm. They traded in the bright lights of the city for a town with literally no traffic lights. Kim bought some boots and fell head over heels for country life. Kim is incredibly passionate about learning, teaching, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Early in her life, she took on the motto “Believe and Build”. In 2015 Kim followed a desire to share the goodness of the Gospel and joined The Small Seed team where she is currently the Director of Public Affairs. In 2018 Kim followed another prompting and founded the connective-journaling company Loom Journals. In all her endeavors she holds tightly to the truth that if Christ is at the center of your life, all things are possible. Kim is very humbled and honored to be presenting at SALT!

Kristen Walker Smith

Kristen Walker Smith lives for beautiful hikes, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Jeffrey R. Holland talks. Kristen grew up in sunny California, the youngest of five girls (with only one bathroom- life was hard!), until she moved to Utah to attend BYU. She received her bachelor’s degree in a not-very-impressive subject, but she also met her husband there, so #worthit. When Kristen became pregnant with her first child she found herself struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She spent seven long years suffering in silence, but was overjoyed to discover that, once she spoke up about her disorder she was able to find the help she needed. Kristen now lives in Colorado with her husband and three kids where they love to camp, mountain bike, rock climb, ski, and basically do anything that gets them outside. The highlight of each year for Kristen is when she gets to teach at EFY during the summer. She loves having the chance to share the gospel with others, and was especially excited to speak at BYU Education Week for the first time this year. Kristen also spends her five free minutes of each day blogging at Thirty Percent Better, writing about all things gospel related. Kristen’s life is a hot mess on most days and on the other days it’s just a regular mess. But she firmly believes that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

Lara Johnson

Lara Johnson is a strong, independent woman, a wife to her best friend, a mother to 3 beautiful tyrants, a certified life coach, and a disciple of Jesus Christ. She always knew that she wanted to become a mother, but never imagined the day to day challenges motherhood would bring. As a wife to an accountant with a nonstop demanding schedule, she found herself feeling very alone with the struggles of raising a family. In the midst of “busy season,” she was called as Primary President when she was 7 months pregnant. Shortly after, the panic attacks began. After the birth of her second very colicky baby, a surgery for her 2 ½ yr. old, death of a grandparent, surgery for her mother, 100-hour work weeks for her husband for many months, and much more, she found herself spiraling with severe post-partum depression. She dug down deep to find the courage to get the help she needed. Since those very dark days, she spends her time building a life she loves by following the promptings of the Holy Ghost to care for herself and her family, as well as serve others who find themselves in similar shoes. She has followed SALT from its infancy, has attended multiple events, been uplifted and inspired from speakers and attendees, and is now honored to share her story in hopes of doing the same for others.

Lisa Gardner

As an educator, I love to share important messages. Our most important message for us personally is that we have a loving Savior who knows us and loves us. I am so excited to present at SALT and to share my love of the Savior. Professionally, I am a high school counselor and love working with youth. I am also a Hope Squad advisor and teach suicide awareness and prevention. I currently serve as the Draper Stake Relief Society President and have loved the opportunity to get to know the women in my stake.

Mary Stallings

Mary Stallings was born and raised in Oregon. She graduated from Brigham Young University in Elementary Education. She met her husband on a study abroad in Jerusalem and they have two adorable, dinosaur-loving boys. Mary loves hand-written letters, gushers, Sharon Eubank, peonies, pajamas, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After craving more female perspectives on the gospel and scriptures within the church, Mary felt a strong prompting: “be the change you want to see.” She started “Come, Follow Me Daily,” an Instagram account that provides daily insights following the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum. She was drawn to the SALT conference because of their goal to “strengthen women by helping them feel closer to the Savior Jesus Christ,” a goal that Mary also works passionately towards every day.

Michelle Gifford & Sarah Allred

Sarah Allred and Michelle Gifford are the founders of The Women with Fire podcast. They specialize in helping women build their influence at home, in their communities and in their businesses. Sarah is the founder of The Photographer's Element, a photography education site. Michelle is the founder of Beauty Revived, a photography non-profit, and her business blog With more than 20 years of business experience between them, they love teaching women how to increase in influence and to find and follow their "quest". They believe that God is calling women everywhere to stand up and make a difference in the world. These calls, or "quests", are unique to each woman. In their workshop, they will teach you how to find and embrace your "quest".

Patti Cook

Patti is a spouse to one, a nurturer to three and an idea-discussing, free-spirited connector to a whole tribe of people. As a serial book club starter and BYU English grad, she is a firm believer in the power of words, of claiming your personal story and the healing power of community and communion. We are stronger together and braver than we think we are. Her storytelling has expressed itself through online and print publications with Aspiring Mormon Women, Exponent II, and She Teaches Fearlessly and through presentations with the Women's Leadership Institute and Action Utah. She loves fuzzy warm socks, Cherry Dr. Pepper and second chances. You can find her online at and on Instagram at @buildingalifeyoulove.

Stephanie Powell

Stephanie Joy Powell believes in conquering life through a strength-based approach. She has also conquered serving in a YSA ward for 3 years (teaching emerging adult & social relationship classes), qualifying for the Boston Marathon 3 times, and raising two daughters with her wonderful husband. Stephanie received a degree from the University of Utah in Communications/Sociology and has returned to earn a certificate in Positive Educational Psychology. Not only does she love broccoli and cupcakes, but Stephanie has had various humanitarian experiences serving in Fiji, Ghana, and the SLC Homeless clinic. When she is not dancing around her kitchen Stephanie can be found volunteering with the White Ribbon She is a past Brighton Beehive Camp board member, Service Missionary at the U of U Institute, and CES employee. She strives to live in accordance with her favorite quote, “Hope is the portal to peace.”